The M-134 Gatling Gun can throw down 3000 rounds per minute. It's quite remarkable to see in action, especially when firing tracers at night. It's super lightweight, and mounted on almost anything. Now if they would only upgrade our assault cannons with different types of ammo. Incendiary, armour piercing etc. It would be nice to see some more flexibility in the assault cannon. My guess would be armour piercing would be rending, incendiary ignores cover saves, tracer rounds allowing a re-roll on night fighting distance.

Anyhow, take a look at the video, this gun is quite amazing. I would hate to have several of helicopters coming my way armed with these.


  1. Keep in mind an Assault Cannon is fully capable of destroying a Land Raider (and is among the most likely weapons to do so after Melta and Railguns get excluded from the party.) Given the fluff descriptions of Land Raiders as having meter-thick armor, being nigh-invulnerable rolling fortresses, etc, I think it's safe to say that the M134 is more like a toned-down Assault Cannon than a souped-up one. I certainly can't remember the last time I remember hearing one get a main battle tank kill attributed to it.

    Awesome to watch in action, though.

  2. Yea, even armor piercing rounds are not quite capable of breaking through a M1 battletank. The M-134 though can throw down such a higher rate of fire than anything we get to mount up, that I feel like we are getting gyped.

    Maybe we need a new gun besides heavy stubbers or heavy bolters that can be mounted on tanks or some of our new fliers coming our way. Even a S4 Gatling type weapon would be cool. Give us a high rate of fire and put it on things like stormravens and valkries.

    Regardless though, the M-134 is an awesome weapon to see. They apparently are or planning on being installed at nuclear facilities since they are very capable of taking down approaching aircraft.


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