A while back I wanted to find out what armies people played that came to this blog. It seemed pretty average with quite a few Imperial Guard with matching Space Marines, and a decent sized group of Blood Angels. The rest broke down into everything else. This is what I expected. However I didn't take into account the Dark Eldar coming out, and a certain individual (myself) losing my mind over them.

So I know that because I have been so obsessive over the Dark Eldar and they are the new thing, that I would get a ton of readers that were looking for Dark Eldar news etc. So with that grain of salt, I let the poll "what army do you play" continue.

Now there are 18 days left. This means a couple things. If you haven't voted yet check halfway down the right side of your the blog. Its sitting there. Please vote as it does curb my thinking of what people are interested in, and what I am interested in at the moment.

After the 18 days are up, I will move the poll down to the bottom of the page, and start a new one. However, I am open to ideas on what that poll should be. Now would be a good time for suggestions.

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