Nothing like a  mission for these cold days we have been having around the country. (cant speak for elsewhere). A 40k mission from GW that I thought I would share.

During the lengthy defence of Hurzon, scores of Imperial Guard regiments were deployed in defence of its key manufacturing zones. The Vostroyan IX Regiment were deployed around the hive city of Tzeragrod. Waaagh! Groblok quickly began the assault; maniacal wave attacks that were each repulsed in turn by the expert discipline of the Vostroyans. With each passing day the winter days grew longer and the temperature continued to plummet.

On the ninth day of the siege, the famous death hail of Hurzon struck – lethal shards of ice that plummeted groundwards from heavy, grey clouds, knifing into any exposed combatants. Extreme cold and dreadful fatigue had already taken a grievous toll on both sides, but now this new foe, death hail, reaped a terrible body count. Any caught in the open were battered by falling ice. Armour was shredded and flesh was torn by slashing blades of ice.
For two weeks the relentless death hail hammered both sides, making combat in the open deadly. Warriors on both sides vied for control of the hive. Ork Tankbustas used demolition charges to breach walls and Vostroyan snipers used thermal imaging scopes to locate and eliminate the largest greenskins.

Colonel Truskev, defiant in the face of the Ork assault, ordered the tank companies to create a deadzone between the two forces and squadrons of Leman Russ Battle Tanks with heavy ploughs affixed brought down whole manufactoria, forcing the Orks to open ground, all the while being lashed by the relentless hail.

When the Space Wolves arrived to relieve the beleaguered Vostroyan Firstborn they were confronted by a surprising image. Where they expected to find half-frozen, broken warriors clinging to the ruins of the industrial zone, they instead discovered a fiercely enthusiastic, well-led and battle-ready warrior fraternity. Wolf Lord Egil Ironwolf described the Vostroyans as ‘men who looked quite at home amidst the frozen blood and falling hail.’ When the winter season finally abated, the Vostroyans were granted a place of honour fighting alongside the Space Wolves in the final assault against Warlord Groblok’s Warband.

Follow the rules for placing terrain in Cities of Death, but no building may be closer than 5" to one another.
This ensures that moving in the open is risky, as there is a chance you won’t be able to move from one building to the next in a single Movement phase.

1 – Divide the table in two. Both players roll-off, the player who scores highest chooses a board edge and deploys his army within 12" of that edge.

2 – The other player than places his own army, again with all models within 12" of his own board edge.

3 – The player who deployed first will take the first turn unless his opponent can steal the initiative on a 5+.

Dominate the Cover: Both forces are seeking to seize as much cover as possible. There are five objective buildings in this scenario. The player who controls the most is the winner. If both players control an equal number, the game is a draw.

The game lasts for six turns. An Omega game may last longer however.

Alpha: Cityfighting Stratagems, Death Hail.
Gamma: Cityfighting Stratagems, Dusk & Dawn,
Death Hail.
Omega: Cityfighting Stratagems, Dusk & Dawn,
Random Game Length, Death Hail.

Death Hail: Whenever a unit moves roll a D6 for each model that ends its move in the open. On a 1, the model must pass an armour save or die. At the end of each turn, each player must place D3 large blast markers centred over a unit, rolling for scatter. Models touched by the template suffer a Strength 1 Rending hit. Units may not be chosen as the target of these templates twice. Models who occupy a City Ruin receive a 2+ cover save from this damage.

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