Veteran Guardsmen are the most used unit I have in the Imperial Guard codex. They are flexible, and able to be customized to fit into whatever role you need them. The Weapons of the Imperium is a review of the Imperial Guard in 5th edition. I have had over a hundred games with the new codex, and thought I would share my thoughts about how I use it.

Veterans are survivors of the wars of the Imperium. Veterans are hard core, forged in battle, and often better than the elite choices we have for the Imperial Guard. They can be equiped better than storm troopers, have doctrines to make them flexible, and great weapon choices. With the right character you can use them to infiltrate, give orders out, become airborne units in a valkryie. In most cases, these are your guys.

A veteran Squad gives you 9 veteran guardsmen with a veteran sergeant. For what they are, they are cheap and viable in a ton of roles. Veteran Squads. Here is what you get with your 10 veteran guardsmen.

WS3 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I3 Ld7 Sv5+
3 special weapon choices, including the option for a single heavy flamer. Plasma Guns, Meltas, Flamers, and sniper rifles. I prefer either Plasma or Melta options here. In fact, I generally take two of each and throw them into a chimera. As a delivery system for the special weapons when recieving orders, they can be quite reliable with a huge threat range. As far as flamers go, I don't load up veterans this way. A waste of BS, and you get free heavy flamers on your chimeras in the hull, so there is no need.

Veteran Weapons Team. With a BS of 4 no doubt, you get Lascannon, Missle Launcher, Autocannon, and Heavy Bolter options. WS4 puts them on par with a tactical marine unit that sits in the backfield and uses a heavy weapon for a much cheaper cost. In fact give them forward sentries doctrine and place them in cover for a 3+ cover save (2+ if you go to ground and have a company commander nearby to get them back into the fight.)

Sergeant.  Ld8 with A2. Here is an interesting and often over-looked one, replace laspistol and/or close combat weapon for power weapon, plasma pistol, power fist. I have used carapace armoured sergeants with dual power fists and demolition doctrines. These are as close as you can really get to a close combat unit, however, dont use them as such. They are still a special weapons platform of plasmas or meltas.
Now the fun part. Doctrines.

Grenadiers: carapace armor and a 4+save

Forward Sentries: Squad gets camo cloaks. Can anyone say 3+ cover, or 2+ when going to ground and recieving orders to get back into the fight.

Demolitions: Hey look everyone gets a melta bomb, and did I mention we brought along a large blast Str 8 ap2 satchel?

Chimeras. Last part. We get a dedicated transport that 5, yes I said 5 guys can shoot out of. Chimeras are great, dont let anyone tell you otherwise. Popping armor 12 chimeras vs 11 rhinos is much more difficult. You have to move to get the side armor. Even then, chimeras come with a good selection of weapon options and upgrades.

So here is the way I tend to field these units.
1.Veteran squad w/ 3 meltas, chimera - Great melta threat range. See this Melta kill zone

2.Veteran squad w 3 plasmas, chimera - hey, a move and shoot fiery death platform. 3 plasmas up top.

3.Veteran squad w/ 3 plasma, lascannon,chimera, and hey, if you are really ap2 crazy today, throw in a plasma pistol. they can all fire out the top.

4.Forward Sentries. Camo-cloaks with 2+ cover saves when shot at, just order them back up to continue firing. I do these mostly with a single lascannon, at 120pts, but other alternatives work.

5. Demolition Team. Hey simple 100 points you get 10 meltabombs, and a democharge. Throw them into a vendetta or valkyrie, scout forward. Rd 1, deploy and assault any armor up front. Can you say dead Land Raider

6. Grenadiers. Now this one is just fun. pick three special weapons, grenadier doctrine, give the sergeant dual power fists, maybe even give them a Demolitions as well. 3 Plasmas, dual power fists, demolitions =205pts. Load up into your gunships, and have fun.

8. Harker. This one is fun. You get Catachan Devils (stealth and infiltrate) for 55 points So add him, with his relentless heavy bolter, an autocannon, and 3 plasma guns. = 180 points. Wow. Dont forget to give them demolitions for an additional 30 points. (my custom Harker and his Catachan Devils)

You have 3 basic choices when it comes to your troops. Platoons, Veterans, or Penal Legions. Veterans have always been my top choice, and have proven themselves time in and time again on the table top.  Rule of thumb though if you have a chimera transport with these.....Stay in the fricken tank. At least stay in the tank, until you have a sure kill, like 3 meltas going after a incoming land raider, and you have a company commander there to give orders.

There are just too many great table top tactics that can be played out here. Veterans are a ton of fun, very effective, and can be fun to model up.

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