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3rd Edition Raider Conversion

Once again I am at it, working on converting my old Raiders into something a little more passable. I had decided to just use the old parts to customize something a little more similair to the new 5th edition Raiders. While I am not yet done with the conversion, I think I am getting pretty close. I posted the pics in black in white due to how badly the paint on the models currently looks. They will be re-painted and cleaned up some more, but I think I am digging the new look.

My next problem I am looking for ideas on, is how to mount the Raider onto the flying base. The old bases really are horrible, and I am looking to do something a little more customized. They will need to be able to be removed from their bases for transport. Suggestions or comments more than welcome.

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  1. Hi, I made bigger (about 5mm) hole into the raider hull and after that I put into it a tube with length as raider hull (upside down) and with diameter wide as mount bar.
    It holds good.

  2. any chance you have a pic on what that looks like? If you do please send to
    I would love to see it.

  3. I got it thanks. trying to figure out exactly how you did it.