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New unpainted Stormraven Pic and Furioso Sprue Pics!!

Now we have it, here is a an unpainted Stormraven Pic and Furioso Sprue that clearly shows you can make a Librarian Furioso out of it as well. All we can say is way cool, and thanks to Pantso for sharing what he has. This is from Dakka Dakka today, here is the link

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  1. That looks so much better than the GW press release pic! I'm now officially excited about the Stormraven, ty!!!

  2. Yea, now that I am sitting down to take a good look at it, I like this view of it. Not to mention that the model doesnt look done yet.

  3. I thought this model was a joke when it was leaked by GW. Not sure how well this will run, but the Furioso looks pretty awesome. I might get a raven or two just to cannibalize for bits.