Well, yesterday mixed into the necron news was another flyer rumor, the Thunderbolt. The rumor if you missed it, was that a plastic model for the Thunderbolt to be released by GW was in the works. This always brings me to wonder exactly what is it?

The Thunderbolt has been around for awhile, so it didnt take too much information to dig up exactly what it is. Released sometime ago by forgeworld, they are nice looking models with great weaponry. It would be something to see these on the tabletops of standard games. We will see what happens, and I'm not counting on anything. Here is some information on what exactly this heavy fighter is.

The Thunderbolt is one of the two main fighter patterns used by the Imperial Navy, the other of which is the Lightning fighter. While not as fast or agile as the lighter Lightning fighter, the Thunderbolt is more heavily armed and armoured. As such, it is more commonly used as an air superiority fighter, while the Lightning is usually relegated to a reconnaissance role. While the Thunderbolt is capable of operating in the vacuum of space, it is more often used by the Imperial Navy solely for in-atmosphere operations as it lacks the maneuverability required to be a truly outstanding asset in space combat. The Imperial Navy prefers to use the Lightning and particularly the Fury space superiority fighter for trans-atmospheric space superiority missions.

Thunderbolts are armed with  2 twin linked autocannons and a twin linked lascannon. It can also add up to 4 Hellstrike missles or 4 bombs. At 180pts it is F10 S10 R10 BS3.

Thunderbolt by Mordian7th


  1. Nice - I love my Thunderbolt (that picture you used is actually mine), and would love to field a couple more. Good thing all the weapons are twin-linked, what with the BS3 of the naval pilot! I missed the rumor, but am all for a plastic one, bring it on!

  2. It was the best looking Thunderbolt I could find this morning. Credit Given.

  3. I missed that too... I have one but depending on price I may be tempted to give him a wingman :oP

  4. I should of copied and pasted from yesterdays post, regardless, here is the entire rumor via Stickmonkey regarding the Thunderbolt. Or you can simply check out the entire post which is mostly about new necrons and 2nd wave tyranids.

    "On the flyer front. Theres a rumor of a thunderbolt fighter in design for plastic...from the sound its very early, and if other rumors are true of a "flyer" WD supplemental release, it would not make that cut."

  5. It seems like 180 points is a little steep when you can field the Vendetta with 3 twin-linked las cannons at 130 and better armor.


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