This is interesting, especially the timeline. We are likely to see this release early next year which does place it into some conflicts with the Adeptus Custodes/Genestealer releases. However with delays in shipping etc its very likely the dates on the Eldar are moving back a little with the codexes for both Custodes and Genestealers announced to be early 2022 (most likely January at this point).

sent in via a source to Faeit 212
Eldar Leaks

Late Jan - Early Feb 2022 Release

New Range of Plastic Aspect Warriors
New Rangers on Jetbikes
New Multipart Autarch Kit
  • All Aspect Armour to get a 5+ Invulnerable Save
  • Phoenix Lords to be completely re-worked
  • Fire Dragons Get Re-Roll Hits and Wounds vs Vehicles
  • Fire Dragons get New Melta Rules same as everyone else
  • Falcon Grav Tanks Get Drop Pod Rules from Deep Strike.
  • Lynx Tank get Better Lance Weapon
  • Bright Lances Damage D3+3"

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