While the current Kickstarter is all focused on the 1st Age, it was time to show a preview for the 2nd Age, Vehicle Design. 

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The 2nd Age will bring The Genesys Project to the Modern era and into the near future. Along with that will come new concepts and options for all Five Domains. One of the primary design elements of the 2nd Age is being able to design tanks and vehicles for your faction.

One of the biggest advantages of designing your own armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) is a wide choice of weaponry, armor, transport capacity, and secondary systems for your vehicles. As you can customize your own cannons and machine guns, this provides an extremely wide variety of AFVs that can be fielded.

Core Systems give you the capacity of equipment and weapon systems that can be fit into/onto the vehicle. How many Core Systems that can be added to a vehicle depends upon the vehicle’s size. There are several different sizes of vehicles each with their own base characteristics that can be expanded upon. Through the Traits system you may have advanced vehicles with additional Core Systems allowed, as well as other types of near-future upgrades. Here’s a quick list of the basic vehicle types:
Personal Vehicles: motorcycles and other single crewed vehicles.
Core Systems 1
Toughness 5, Movement: 7
Crew 1, Compartment: Open

Light Vehicles: Lightly armored vehicles for transport, or fast-moving vehicles.
Core Systems 2,
Toughness 8, Movement 6
Crew 2, Compartments: Open

Medium Vehicles: Armored Personnel Carriers, or Lighter Battle Tanks. Enclosed Compartments.
Core Systems 2
Toughness 9, Movement 5
Crew 2, Compartments: Open or Enclosed (choice)

Large Vehicles: Heavily Armored Tanks. Enclosed Compartments.
Core Systems 3
Toughness 10, Movement 4
Crew 3, Compartments: Reinforced

Huge Vehicles: Massive Tanks. Enclosed Compartments.
Core Systems. 4
Toughness 12, Movement 3
Crew 4, Compartments: Reinforced

These are a few examples of Core Systems that can be applied to your vehicles:
  • Coaxial Smoke Launchers: Provides Cover for the Vehicle when used
  • Command Vehicle: Advanced Comms and Detection Systems. Allows Crew or Passengers to use their Command.
  • Heavy Plating: Armor 1 (All Sides)
  • Improved Mobility: Increase Movement 1
  • Large Personnel Carrier: Increase Passenger Capacity 10, requires 2 Core Systems. For Medium vehicles and larger
  • Light Vehicle Enclosure: Compartment Upgrades- Enclosed for passengers and crew
  • Personnel Carrier: Increase Passenger Capacity 5 for Light, medium and Heavy vehicles. Personal vehicles may take an additional passenger with this system.
  • Reinforced Front/side Armor: Armor 1 (front and side armor only)
  • Reinforced Crew Compartments: Provides extra protection for drivers and crew. Heavy and Huge Vehicles already come with this standard.

These are a few examples of Weapon Systems that can be applied to your vehicles:
  • Advanced Targeting System: Provides a Combat Situational bonus
  • Crew Mounted Weapon: Pintle Mounted Weapon
  • Extra Crew Mounted Weapon: Pintle Mounted Weapon
  • Heavy Mounting: Greater Strength Weapon Increasing Strength 2
  • Hull Mounted Weapon System: Large Cannons take 2 Core Systems
  • Secondary Turret Weapon System: Mounted alongside the main armament
  • Turret Weapon System: Primary Weapon System. Large Cannons can take 2 Core Systems

There are plenty of additional systems not represented here, but this is a fun preview of what is coming for the 2nd Age.
Next Up: Customizing Mecha and Powered Armor in the 3rd Age

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