Seriously?, this is rather cool. Games Workshop will be launching a Global Campaign within a few weeks/months time. The details are still be worked on. Also new start up kits with low price points as low as £5 and up. That will be interesting.

This comes from a good source, who has been correct in the past about many things. Games Workshop is definitely building the hype for the Age of Sigmar. (as a 40k player.... yea I am jealous)

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
There will be a globel campaign for AoS coming up in a few weeks/months time.
It will have it's own website.
A living map.
All results will lead into the next book.
Details are still being finished.
A new start up section is coming for AoS with kits starting at £5 up.
On the finance front.
AoS is actually doing as well if not better then 40k in some areas.
There has been a decline in shop sales but with summer coming GW hope this should pick up.
No more leaks!
GW are going are no longer going to be holding back info.
You will know as soon as it happens.

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