It seems blogspot had one of its worst outages in years. In fact, I think I might of lost a post on Talos/Cronos sketches and Designs. Regardless, I have more rumors, so I will just move on, instead of resurrecting the previous lost post. Who knows, they may even recover it.

Necron Lords: Bok yesterday posted up some rumors, and Madcowcrazy translated them into something easier to read. Also included is a confirmation bit on the Warsythe by yakface.They are pretty good rumors, and sound decent, however, they are still rumors, so take with a grain of salt.

via Tastytaste
the Big Lord. The Generic General if you wish. So no special character for you guys this time. He’s a good place to start, however, as he will give a good idea of what strategies you might want to use.

At just under a hundo of points, this HQ is your go-to commander. You’re going to want to take him in most lists, as he unlocks a unit Crypteks and such to split up into your squads. Many of the specials also do this, but he’s nice and cheap for what he does.

The tricky part is deciding whether to use him joined to a squad as an IC, or to give him the personal 1 man transport. At 3 wounds, he can fuel repairs to the vessel out of himself for quite a while, and with it’s sheer speed he can make drive by melee attacks all day. Watch out, though. Sure it’s got shielding, but by the time you start spending wounds to repair, you’ve lost it and are back down to Rhino armor instead of Predator love. It nearly doubles his cost as well, and makes him a big target.

When it comes to his gear, however, you have quite a few options. He comes standard with a Staff of Light, but can swap that out (just like everyone else with a staff of light) for a Warscythe for free. That Warscythe is very tempting, especially if you are going with the drive by attack route. Strength 7 power weapon hits, this is really nice on a vehicles rear armor. It’s equally useful if you tool the Big Cheese Overlord out for melee punches. I don’t see many people choose the gauntlet option, a flamer is nice but it just isn’t as good as the Staff of Light. The two sword options also suffer, as a warscythe is cheaper and better, but they have their uses. I have a taste for running units lean and mean and so I don’t care for those two.

As for the other options, you have your standard Phylactery, Orb and Phase Shifter. I always go with the Shifter, as having a hands free Storm Shield is extremely useful. The Orb and Phylactery aren’t much use to my style. I’d rather put the orb on a cheaper options, as making an IC a force multiplier makes him a big target. The Phylactery is nice and all, but it relies to heavily on him standing back up, so it doesn’t really help most games.

Upgrading his armour to a 2+ isn’t bad, and it’s a pretty cheap option. But with a shifter there really isn’t much point. Small arms fire has a tough enough time getting past his Toughness 5 and 3++ shifter save. The brainshackles are a neat assault trick, but it’s just not a reliable enough way to make a model attack his own unit. Lastly, there one shot “Necron Hunter Killer Missile” is a lot of fun, but costs to much. I love one shot weapons (missiles, orbitals and deathstrikes) for the Apoc entertainment, but this is really an Apoc item, as it just costs to many points to be useful… even if it is the king of the one shots.

This unit, in the end, really showcases the Science Monster feel of the Necrons. It’s going to be a very popular kit, especially if it comes out in Plastic or Resin here like it did for us. The most typical load out comes in fairly cheaply with a Warscythe and Phase Shifter… so be ready to see that as the building block HQ of every Necron Army.

Translation via Madcowcrazy
Necron Lord
Cost: Just under 100pts (no idea what hundo means but I'm guessing 100).

T5 W3

Unlocks Crypteks

Can take Destroyer Body for 50-100pts

Gives Hit and Run?

Makes him a Vehicle? Starts as 13/11/11 but as you take damage you go down to 11/11/10? So for each wound he takes he loses 1 armour value on all sides down to a min of 10?

Comes with Staff of Light

May exchange for Warscythe for free

Warscythe makes him S7 with power weapon hits, so it's a +2S Power weapon similar to the Sisters Blessed weapon or Dark Eldar ones.

May exchange for a Gauntlet = Flamer

2 Sword options that seem rather meh

Phylactery = When he dies roll a D6 = 1-3 he dies, 4+ he stands up with 1-3 wound depending on how high you rolled.

Rez Orb = Boosts the WBB to a 4+

Phase Shifter = 3++

Can upgrade his armour to 2+

Branishackles, similar to Grey Knights grenades with the effect to make units attack their own.

Necron Hunter Killer Missile, S8+ AP3+ Probably Blast or Large Blast.

Seems they got him in ResinHand To Hand/Close Combat - Assault (p33 40k 5th)

Via Yakface
I can confirm from my info that the Warscythe is indeed a +2 Strength power weapon (that no longer ignores invulnerable saves).

I personally think its a good thing that they've removed most of the anti-invulnerable save gear from the game, but maybe that's just me. I mean, I'm as sick as everyone else with all the invulnerable saves in the game now, but I also hate the merry-go-round that GW seems to do sometimes with making special rules and then making special rules to ignore those special rules and then making special rules to ignore those special rules.

Also remember that while a single Lord with a S7 Warscythe may not sound all that mean, there is an Elite unit that also can all take those same S7 Warscythes.

And yes, some of the more Elite Necron units do have access to invulnerable saves themselves, depending on what weapon configuration the models take.
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