As always with a new edition, the Space Marine Codex should be the first up. Although we have not had any real official info on it yet, none of the leaks I have seen (unless I missed it) have the new Redemptor Dreadnought listed.

I do find that a little odd, since we do have the Rhino Primaris listed, perhaps the model will be available to everyone?, and with that.... look at these stats for only a 100pts. Nice. I may want to play Marines with this guy if I can get the models. Just loving the idea of the Servo Skull hub.

There are just a ton of fun entries in the new indexes..... (although im still missing a few IG tanks from a couple editions ago (still miffed on that).

Anyhow, Im really looking forward to seeing the new vehicles released. Did anyone see any stats on the Redeptor Dreadnought?

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