Always great when these are shared with us, especially as we say goodbye to one edition, and dive into the next. Again, the photography of these reports is always fun and great to see.

This is only a brief of what the battle report has, so head over to SN Battle Reports to get all the details and more pics.

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Battle Report #60 (Space Wolves Vs Chaos Daemons)AlbumsBattle Report #60 (Space Wolves Vs Chaos Daemons)

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With a scream of a thousand tortured souls, Kairos burst through the skein that separated the mortal world from the Empyrean. Multihued aetheric fire clung to his wizened form until he extinguished them with one mighty flap of his kaleidoscopic pinions. Straightening to his full height he flung both his heads back and screamed, emitting no true sound which only the most perverted and arcane science could measure. The scream resonated painfully in the souls of all living things within a hundred leagues. In its wake it left whispered lies that would continue cursing the survivors for days. Kairos' heads swiveled in opposite directions taking in the snow covered panorama before him.

Both heads blinked and nodded in maddening near perfect synchronicity, as if both approved of something equally but had arrived at the conclusion a split second apart. The Fateweaver raised his great staff above his heads as he began to squawk unwords of power in the same slightly unsynchronised manner.

The staff became wreathed in balefire that changed hue from pink to indigo, the power contained within obvious to all but the most base life form. As the incantation reached its crescendo, Kairos brought down his staff upon the now warped rock, a thunderclap of released energy tearing apart reality, birthing nine blazing portals shaped like giant unblinking eyes framed by iridescent feathers. From them vomited forth an insane cavalcade of impossible beings that writhed from one form to another vexing all attempts to discern their true shape, if any such thing existed.

As the daemons gibbered and cackled a wolf howl cut through the cacophony. Other hunters joined in the chilling chorus. The Emperors finest were coming. Deployment: Dawn of War Points: 2500pts Mission: Purge the Alien Slay the Warlord: 3vp instead of 1vp

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