The Thunderhawk Gunship returns better than ever, completely updated. Plus lots of pre-orders for Bloodbowl....

New From Forgeworld

Thunderhawk Gunship £450
Thunderhawk Gunship with Landing Pad £530
The new model is pretty impressive. Fully remastered by the boffins in the Forge World studio, the new kit is much easier to assemble than its predecessor. It’s also more detailed, and the little aesthetic touches keep it firmly in line with other contemporary vehicles, like the smaller Storm Eagle, and tanks like the Spartan and the Sicaran.

Also still up for pre-orders for the new Edition of Warhammer 40,000
Iimperial Armour-Index: Forces of the Adeptus Astartes £15
Imperial Armour-Index: Forces of Chaos £15

Blood Bowl
The All-Star Dwarf Giants £96
Blood Bowl Star Player Collection £130
The all-Star Skavenblight Scramblers £78
Grombrindal and the Black Gobbo £20
Grim Ironjaw  £18
Bloodbowl Skaven Team Booster £20

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