Now we get a chance to see some of Xenos stat lines for the Ork Meka-Dread, Malanthrope, and more. These are from the upcoming new Forgeworld Imperial Armour Index: Xenos.

via Warhammer Community

Today we take a look at some units from Imperial Armour Index: Xenos.

We’ll start off with a Tyranid, one of the most popular Forge World additions to the hive fleet forces in the last edition due to both its durability, synapse and protective gas-cloud aura – the Malanthrope. We can see from the range of useful abilities this guy has, he’ll likely still be seen in many forces.

Next up, the Ork Meka-Dread. With the increase in vehicle durability, and the deadliness of combat, Ork Dread-based armies become a very viable option, and this bruiser is the guy you want at the front of the charge:

Our final preview is of the XV109 Y’vahra Battlesuit. This highly mobile cousin of the Riptide dishes out just as much devastating firepower as he did last edition, so you’ll still see plenty of these advanced Battlesuits on the battlefield.

All these of these units, as well as the full Tyranid, T’au Empire, Ork, Aeldari and Necron ranges of Forge World models are covered in the upcoming  Imperial Armour Index: Xenos, available soon and designed to be used with the new edition of Warhammer 40,000.
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