We are continuing to look at the lists readers are making all this week, and see just what people are experimenting with. List building is just a ton of fun, and I will be posting up in the order I receive them.

So if you would like to submit an army list (if you already have an idea of what you might field), shoot me your list to share with others. Please title your email "8th Edition Army Submission" or similar, and shoot it off to natfka@live.com. Only first names will be used along with the submission.

I know people have seen the rules, so lets skip that part whether you might have read them at a shop or have access to them, and just see what everyone is thinking for their armies

Tobias from the admechknight blog here. Also known as Tomoyuki in the disqus comments at the end of your blog.

via Tobias, 2,000pts Adeptus Mechanicus and Imperial Knights

Here's my 2,000 point list.
Super-heavy Detachment (Imperial Knights)
Knight Paladin 320 + 100 (rapid-fire battle cannon) + 2x4 (heavy stubbers) + 30 (Reaper chainsword) = 458
Knight Errant 320 + 76 (thermal cannon) + 4 (heavy stubber) + 30 (Reaper chainsword) = 430
Knight Warden 320 + 95 (Avenger gatling cannon) + 4 (heavy stubber) + 30 (Reaper chainsword) + 17 (heavy flamer) = 466
Total: 1,354

Battalion Detachment (Adeptus Mechanicus)
Tech-priest Dominus 125 + 8 (volkite blaster) + 2 (stubcarbine) = 135
Tech-priest Dominus 125 + 14 (eradicator ray) + 2 (stubcarbine) = 141
Skitarii Vanguard 10x10 = 100
Skitarii Rangers 5x10 = 50
Kataphron Destroyers 3x[35 + 27 (plasma culverin) + 11 (cognis flamer)] = 3x73 = 219
Total: 645

Absolute total: 1,999

It's actually on my blog, and I have used in Battle Report 13 with 8th edition rules (probably a few errors here and there), here's the link and how it fared (was pretty one-sided, sadly) against my opponent's Blood Angels. The new 8th edition rules seem a huge blast to play, except that we don't use blast templates anymore.


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