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The Iron Father and Night Lords Terror Squads

A few models that we had seen early pics of are now up for Pre-Orders from Forgeworld. The Iron Father we saw earlier in the week, and the Night Lords Terror Squad Torsos and Heads we saw yesterday.

For links to see more pics of these models, just follow the link over to the new release from Forgeworld.

New Releases
Iron Hands Iron Father £19.50
Night Lords Legion Terror Squad Heads £11.00
Night Lords Legion Terror Squad Torsos £11.00

Some new videos from Forgeworld
Genesis of a Primarch Horus
The Horus Heresy Book Three Extermination

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  1. A stunning model for are brothers of the Iron Hands

  2. And thus did no Iron Hands player ever purchase a "Techmarine" model again.

    1. Well... it is wearing Terminator armor, and it lacks a Servo Harness.
      It also seem to be a "one pose" model".
      Which means that if I was an IH player I would have ONE of these, and then a few of the other guys, that way you get diversity in your models/poses :)

    2. Still, I think there are many people who will use this as their new Master of the Forge model for regular old 40K X3

    3. It could be a good way to represent the Chain of the Gorgon, by just saying he's in a giant crazy suit of teched out terminator armor.

    4. An easy convert for other Legions/chapters. Remove the ZMand on his chest and stick on your own legions etch brass/transfer. Hay presto, techmarinio!