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Deadzone Video Battle Report

Prodigal Here.

I just wanted to give a quick Deadzone update for everyone.  I managed to get another game photographed this past weekend and I'm working on making another battle report, but today I got curious about what other Deadzone battle reports there are floating around out there, and I found a fantastic one from Fresh Coast Gaming.  They give a nice little intro about the stats and rules for the game, and then a very concise and understandable battle report.  If you are currently on a Deadzone tear like I am you'll definitely want to take a look, as well as if you've been curious about how it plays.

Meanwhile I got around to photographing my entire Plague from the starter set, which you can see above.  I still have about half my Enforcers to paint, but fortunately even with only 6 painted I have more than enough to field a variety of builds!  I also just received my Rebs and Marauder starter sets in the mail and they are assembled and cleaned and ready to be painted, so will be getting around to including them in some future reports as well.  Enjoy the battle report!

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  1. And im still waiting fot my starterset.... but the batrep is nice indeed. Beasts of war also had a nice one but it was more of a learning the game..

  2. I am in love so much with deadzone at the moment. I took 2 or 3 games to get the rukes down and after that its been a blast! Ive ran demo tablea at 2 different games clubs now introducing people who hadnt heard of it or wanted to try it out and have even got my misses into it aswell =D <3 Mantic

  3. I'm going to join in with the mantic-loving! Deadzone is really ticking all the boxes for me at the moment. Nice batrep.

  4. I'm really liking the look of this game. Watched an excellent beginner batrep video on you tube earlier. It's by Fresh coast gaming. I only found their videos this morning. Pretty cool and the Deadzone one was really informative and well done. Game really looks a blast. Yeah I'm sold. Probably will order the game next pay day. :) Video above is good. This one is even better.