The Astra Militarum has a new vehicle coming this weekend, and its going to be a dual kit with the Hydra Flakk Tank. The new vehicle is called a Wyvern and is based off a chimera hull (same as the Hydra).

Lets take a look at the rules.
Please take these are rumors as we have not yet had an official release.

via Dex in Alaska on Faeit 212
The Wyvern is on the next cover of the White Dwarf #10
Wyvern Support Battery-Heavy Choice and can take 3 in total.
Comes with a Stormshard Mortar 48" S4 AP6 heavy 2, barrage, blast, ignores cover, shred
Armour Value is the same as a Chimera and it costs 10 points less than a Griffon

The model has a chimera hull and looks a lot like Hydra, but with two large short barrels instead of the Hydra's long Autocannons.

It is a dual kit: Astra Militarum Hydra/ Astra Militarum Wyvern
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