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A First Look: Tyranid Onslaught Rising Leviathan III

Tonight the third dataslate in the series Rising Leviathan was officially released and it included five new formations and the final stages of Hive Fleet Leviathan's invasion of the planet Satys. This takes us up to 15 new formations, granting a wide selection of new and flexible ways to field Tyranids, even without the access to allies.

So while I am glad that we are seeing these as a response to the lack of allies, I can only hope that we will see more in the future. Perhaps other Hive Fleets, or even a codex supplement would go a long ways still for Tyranids. With that said, lets take a look at the 5 new formations (only 4 of which are really usable)

Bioblast Node
Warrior Brood (must have a Bio-Cannon upgrade)
3 Carnifex Broods (each model must have a Bio-Cannon upgrade)

All models have split fire and if within 12" of the Warriors can re-roll 1's to wound in shooting phase

Wrecker Node
Warrior Brood (cannot take Bio-Weapons)
3 Carnifex Broods (cannot take Bio-Weapons)

Rampage of Destruction
Carnifexes do 1d3+1 Hammer of Wrath and if within 12" of the Warriors can re-roll 1's in the assault phase

Tyrant Node
Hive Tyrant (no wings)
Tyrant Guard Brood (must take 3 Tyrant Guard)
Venomtrhope Brood

Command Node
Hive Tyrant has +6" to synapse

Subterranean Swarm
Tyrgon Prime
3 Ravenor Broods

All must start in reserve, and come in on a single die roll. Trygon Prime comes first bby Subterranean Assault rules. Then the 3 Ravenor Broods come in within 6" of the Trygon Prime's base. As normal cannot move extra or assault, but can shoot and run. The rest of the formation comes in normally via deep strike.

Living Tide
1 Tyrand Node
1 Synaptic Swarm
3 Endless Swarms
1 Wrecker Node
1 Skyblight Swarm

The formation gains Fear.
Synaptic Command Network: As long as the Hive Tyrand from the Tyrant Node Formation is there, all synapse gains 6"
The Swarm Unleashed: As long as the Hive Tyrand from the Tyrant Node Formation is there, all rolls to endless swarm and skyswarm rules can be re-rolled

While I am a big fan of these Dataslates, I have to say that the final one, the Living Tide is the biggest let down. Its just not useable in so many games, that it limited its own usefulness in game play. The others seem decent, with the Tyrant Node offering some great synapse extensions on the tabletop. To me this is severely lacking and only gives the average player 4 formations to use. I would of liked to see the same special rules in another formation, but with a much lesser point cost associated with it.

Of course the Dataslate also has a lot of background and two new missions in the Echoes of War sections

Another good review and look at this dataslate can be seen over on Talk Wargaming.

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  1. eh.

    looks like they decided that the warrior tax from the last ones was a great idea and stuck it everywhere.

    The node is nice I guess....but SL and a pair of guard not only count as your required HQ. they also already have the synapse bonus and gain an ML.

  2. I was really hoping for one with venomthropes but that one just doesn't do it. In fact I'm pretty dissapointed in all of these. The carnifex shooting one would have been good except for the have to have a cannon part.

    1. But they get to split their fire, and don't eat up a precious Heavy Support slot. Need to pin pesky Tau and IG castles?

      The subterranean one is incredibly mean. Run a Genestealer formation and this one, and the opponent has 1 turn to not die...or die. Then the rest of your stuff is untouched.

      Tyranids have loads of options now, and all but erased the lack of allies. If you can't come up with something using 15 formations and the codex, you're truly a bad and unimaginative player.

      I would like a Supplement too...just because I love them all so far.

      If you don't like these, you don't need to buy them.

    2. So rules question. If a carnifex takes a cannon and a devourer does split fire allow him to target one unit with the cannon and another with the devourers?

    3. How would you combine the Genestealer formation with the subterranean one? The formation can get there at the earliest on turn two, so the Stealers can't use the tunnel until turn 3. You'd be assaulting turn 4 at the earliest. I'm not saying you're idea wouldn't work, I just can't figure out what your idea is.

    4. you'll have to excuse mcdoogle jestar, he doesn't let petty things like rules get in the way of his enjoyment of GW "balance"

    5. @Jestar Ok I was misunderstanding the rules for split fire. I will totally be taking that formation now.

    6. I would suggest re-reading the rules for split fire. It allows one model to fire at a different target from the rest of his unit. It does not allow a single model to fire at two separate targets.

    7. What if the unit was only one model?

    8. Isn't the Twin Linked Devourer a BioCannon?

      Why wouldn't you take two on each Carnifex and Make it a DakkaFex?

    9. @ Joshua, then split fire wouldn't apply to them

    10. But a monstrous creature can fire (if it has two) one of its weapons at a completely different unit than his other weapon/rest of his squad.

    11. No, a MC has to fire both weapons at the same target; it's actually stated in the MC rules. Split Fire allows a model to target a different unit to the rest of it's unit so it has no effect on single-model units...not a separate target to it's other pair of arms.

      Also, McDoogle doesn't mention deep striking the Genestealer formation in via a tunnel at all, Jestar. I think that McD is suggesting that 'Stealers infiltrated up front combined with 3 MCs + 3 lots of fast Beasts deep striking means that those two formations will be in your opponent's face taking the brunt of their fire and not your codex force with scoring Troops.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Subterranean swarm offers a nice viable way to play with some units that are underwhelming in codex.

    The carnifex nodes are just not that good. Split-fire is wasted on the Tyranofex, and leadership 7 makes it unreliable.

    The extra hammer of wrath attacks and rerolls to hit on the other formation are okish. I guess it's useful to take on knights before the stomp wrecks the fexes.

    1. Even without Split-Fire you get Dakkafexes and a Tyrranofex outside of the FOC chart plus rerolls, IMO its worth it for that alone

      Remember the twin linked Devourers are bio-cannons

    2. Oh I thought the only cannons were the heavy venom and strangle thorn

  5. Well its a big-game apoc Formation.

    At least no One has to buy these. The interweb! :)

  6. So, we have the last dataslate here. No compesation for the spore pod lost or the excesive nerfs to CC power, and not interesting rules for nothing outside the flying circus or the shooty nidzilla. Just more options to play the same enemy avoiding/suicide tactics. Nids used to be a good army to play agresive.

    I'm shelving the bugs and reroll warmahordes. Let's hope this mess will change in a few of years.

  7. Bioblast is nice, a way to get Dakkafexes and Tyrranofexes outside the FOC.

    The rest are pretty underwhelming IMO

  8. well, for those who still have a pile of Carnifexes left over from the old nidzilla days, these are great, Since you can use these to field those Carni's (I have 11) and still have plenty of HS spots for Tyrranofexes and Mawlocs. Good thing I have 6 warriors around gathering dust...

  9. Has anyone figured out what the general points cost of the last formation is? After you add compulsory HQ and troop choice I think you'd already have an army of several thousand points.

    1. As these are separate formations, do you actually need a compulsory HQ/Troops?

    2. A little over 3000 points without upgrades or the compulsory troops and hq. Ouch

    3. That's a steep price to pay when your formation costs more points than the average army. Apoc I guess?

  10. Seems pretty decent to me; the tunnelling swarm is pretty brutal (just over 800pts for the minimum I expect it to be) and I certainly wouldn't want 2 Trygons, a Mawloc & at least 9 Raveners all dropping into my backfield at once in synapse. I'd probably try and drop some Spinefist or Adrenal Rippers in too just for the LOLs.

    The Bio-Blast Node is a decent firebase, especially if you want to put Zoanthropes and a Exocrine elsewhere for additional ranged threat. I don't even mind the Warriors in there for synapse and closer ranged support.

    The Wrecker & Tyrant Nodes are pretty much what they say on the tin; the Carnifex gets a synapse crew to follow them up-field and the Tyrant gets a retinue for mobile cover and support.

    The Living Swarm...a bit excessive, I doubt it would really get seen outside of Apoc games.

  11. I don't really get the point behind the tunneling swarm. I guess it allows you save on heavy support slots, but the rule itself doesn't really... do anything. So your prime comes in via deep strike, then the raveners basically deep strike without scattering next to it, then the rest enters through ordinary deep strike?

    Doesn't this simply limit your ability to spread out and cause terror? If your prime scatters poorly you may very well end up with 2 dead ravener squads because you aren't able to fit them anywhere.

    The only draw is that it all enters at the same time, but the downside of being unable to split up your forces and possibly losing a chunk because there isn't enough room around your prime for all those raveners.

    1. That's where a Lictor brood comes in...if you can keep them

  12. So, back to underwhelming. At least the second data slate hade a few good formations. Now if only GW could be arsed to combine and print them so we could actually play them in all the tournaments that say NO to digital rules.