Most of you know I was gone last week backpacking in British Columbia on the island of Vancouver. I had the opportunity along with my son (who is 15 and been backpacking since age 6) to hike the Pacific Rim West Coast Trail, which is one hell of a difficult trail, but managaeable and a lifetime acheivement and experience for those with experience. It's also incredibly fun, with 5 cable crossings, 100+ ladders up and down cliffs, and is in the depths of the temperate rainforest (which means very wet/muddy) along the coastal sw side of the island. If you are intested in the background of this beast of a trail, here is a couple places to look into it further.

While the trail has been only open since May 1st, there has been a lot of big injuries this year on the trail, more than normal. Two helicopter rescues that we knew of while we were on the trail, but the worst was about two weeks before we went where a man lost his eye with a branch that went through and lodged into his brain. Regardless, we made it through the entirety of the trail with only a small dislocation and a few minor cuts/scrapes. 

I did get very sick on the drive back from British Columbia, so we were a little late getting back. Here are some of our pics. 

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