Crowd Forge Studios just launched their kickstarter with some very interesting terrain that is not only affordable, but flexible on how it's built. The cool part is.... you can take it apart and rebuild it differently every time!

Crowd Forge Studios contacted me a few weeks back where I asked them just how durable these are.... so they sent me a building for us to check out. Look further down to see more about this project.

Metro Morph Kickstarter by Crowd Forge Studios

$13,040 pledged of $23,875 goal
146 backers
28 days to go

Delivery Estimated for September 2019

Metro Morph is a modular building terrain system for 28–32mm tabletop miniature games.
It is an affordable way to quickly and easily fill gaming tables with terrain that is visually striking, strong, and versatile. You don’t need to cut, glue, or paint anything — just open the pack, create the unique structures you want, and start playing within minutes! When you’ve finished your game, Metro Morph can be packed away flat, ready to be reassembled in a totally new configuration for your next game.

Lets take a closer look. What I really like about this Kickstarter is literally for around $100 (slight more) you can get 3 full core sets of this terrain to really make some very cool tables. Of course we have a single building here for us to look at.... so lets take a look at what they sent us to check out.

The durability was my first concern, and they are durable, and I while I believe if your kids got a hold of them to make buildings there would be some damage, they look like they will hold up for quite a long time. Once together these buildings hold extremely well and are stable on the tabletop. I banged the table around, and the holds on the clips provide really hold tight.

There are several types of clips to match up exactly what you need.

There are two pronged (for corners) three pronged (with one flat side) and 4 pronged for expansive sections.

While I know my pieces were limited, I am impressed with what I had. I would love to create some great walkways and multi level environments to build for my gaming tables. Lets look at what I was able to build..... this took less than 5 minutes for a sizable building that is very usable from a gaming perspective (you can reach inside, its stable, great vantage points, and looks good.

Really the more I think about this one, the more I am interested in really seeing what could be built with a full set, or with three.

Definitely check out this Kickstarter and take a solid look at this could do for your gaming tables.

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