The latest rumors have a new box set coming in March that will feature the Adeptus Mechanicus against Necrons. That sounds like a very interesting match up!

Of course these are rumors, so please give this the required salt. I don't have an ideas on the accuracy of this.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Just heard that there’s a Battle for Mars box set coming by March time. Adept mech vs necron. Very big amount of salt required

Previously on Faeit 212
Its worth noticing that this loosely fits in with rumored release schedules....
via L'Astropate

First half of February : Adeptus Custodes.
Second half of February : Thousand Sons.

First half of March : T'au Empire.
Second half of March : Necron.

Between April and May : Drukhari, Harlequinn and two new elven armies for Age of Sigmar.
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