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Amazing Looking Lizard Men: Great Axe Savrakar Unit.

Great looking very large lizard men called the Savrar. These look like a great deal and are for pre-order only right now shipping in November listed as a release date of November 2nd.

via Mierce Miniatures

The release of the new Sávrar means we can bring you their larger cousins, the Sávrakar, in November! Standing between 50 and 60mm tall and on 50mm bases, these guys are the perfect compliment to the 30mm infantry for they lend a nice punch and look superb to boot. To celebrate all of this awesomeness, we're giving you a time-limited opportunity to get Mulak, the Sávrakar warchief and the Akk's Axes unit comprising six warriors rather than the usual five - all for just £60, saving you over half their eventual RRP! This deal disappears next Monday, the 9th of September at midnight (GMT) - so you'd better get your skates on!

Now, we can only show you artwork at this time - brilliantly drawn by Kurt Jakobi - but our own sculptor, Bob Plociennik (who of course sculpted the Sávrar), will be taking these on in the near future. Due for a November release, Bob will be starting work on these guys next week so we'll be able to provide you with images of the digital sculpts very soon. Be warned, though: this deal will NOT be extended and WILL end on Monday, after which they'll be on offer at normal price only!