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Psychic Awakening: Phoenix Lord is Coming

The Phoenix Lord is here.

via the Warhammer Community

As the Psychic Awakening approaches, we’re ramping up the excitement with another part of the Phoenix Rising prophecy and A NEW, PLASTIC PHOENIX LORD! No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – read on and you’ll find out which Character we’re talking about…

But first! the prophecy continues…

Ylocu Shaie must be fun at parties… In any case, it sounds like the Ynarri have been kicking up something of a storm in their attempts to free the Aeldari from eternal damnation at the hands of Slaanesh. Bringing a god into consciousness from sheer potentiality evidently comes at a cost!

The Ynnari could definitely use a hand from someone with the experience of ages to guide them through these turbulent times – but who could rise to such a challenge?

That’s right – Jain Zar is back and is more incredible than ever! As the Phoenix Lord of the Howling Banshees, Jain Zar is the spiritual mother to all who follow in her path by dedicating themselves to her Warrior Aspect.
Jain Zar’s exquisite new miniature embodies the lethal grace for which she has become renowned, and feared, across the galaxy. As well as sweeping her deadly glaive, the Blade of Destruction, in a decapitating strike, she is poised to whip her right arm around to hurl her legendary triskele, Silent Death. Her feet aren’t even touching the floor, as the miniature is held aloft by her flowing mane!

On the battlefield, Jain Zar fights even more aggressively than before (if such a thing is possible for Khaine’s most prolific blademaiden), swapping her old Disarming Strike ability for a more thoroughly slaughterous replacement, The Storm of Silence…
With this ability at her disposal, simply hurl Jain Zar into the largest enemy units and watch gleefully as she blends her way through them like a bladed whirlwind!