Corvus Games Terrain is a 3D printed terrain company in Ireland who has a new set of terrain coming very soon to Kickstarter. However I wanted to share the company before hand since they not only have 3D STL files available, but also sell the terrain pieces themselves. I like that flexibility as not everyone has access to a 3D printer. 

Corvus Games Terrain site

Some images of their existing terrain. I have to say those trees are awesome.

Corvus Prime Modular Sci-fi Terrain Kickstarter Coming Soon

It's a slot together collection of floor plates, wall components and roof designs, each easily configurable into a huge range of buildings.

The campaign will feature three main pledge levels which will cater for every budget. The basic pledge, The Industroplex, will contain over 90 downloadable STL files. At the highest pledge level, around 200 STLs will be available for download.

There will also be a number of additional stretch goals to unlock featuring a host of scatter pieces including barrels and crates, shipping containers, industrial machinery, and walkways

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