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The Genesys Project Next Stretch Goal Achieved

The Genesys Project Grows: As you know we have been continuing the Stretch Goals from the Kickstarter through our Pre-Order Store and Backerkit. With that in mind we have already surpassed the next Stretch Goal and are moving onwards towards our last and final one.

This last stretch goal really fills out the Insekts with some nasty updates. The Insekt with this update gain additional traits delving deep into the Cordyceps and Armillaro fungi as well as harvesters for psychic powers. Its a dark day for the everyone else that now has to deal with the swarms of Insekts.

Tunnel Systems? oh yea... collapse those before they reach you! The Vermin will have multiple tunnel systems to reach those critical locations on the battlefield. Now with an expansion on the Occult, those planar contacts will make the Biests faster and stronger than ever before.

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The Latest Happenings for the Genesys Project
We had a very successful Nova Open and did many demos and talked to a lot of people about the project. Now back in the office, work has begun to get the final stretch goals into the books and continuing to through the editing process. So lots of work is being done throughout the Birth of Genesys book. Meanwhile the Core Rules will most likely be sent off for layout next week.

I am also expecting cover art for the Core Rules to come in next week as well! Im really excited to see that.