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What's On Your Table: Admech Army

What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics or short video to

Finally finished small but playable Admech army!  

Forgeworld Lucius Exploratory fleet under the command of elusive Arch-Magos Explorator Castor Nephilius is taking off to stars, searching for long lost STCs and heading down through the disc of our galaxy, towards distress call sent by Magos Biologis from location that appears to be behind the main bulk of Tyranid invasion... what will they find there, if they will even reach their destination? Only time will tell. Onwards, for the Omnissiah!  

Second in command of the fleet, Magos Dominus Zander Pharr, the Vessel of Angel Mechanicum  
Engineseer Techsorcist Targon Coghammer  
To represent rules of Forgeworld Lucius Kataphron Destroyers have additional armor plating on their chests.

I'm a bit tired of red for now, so I'm looking for ideas for next project!