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Warcry FAQ and Erratas are Live

The latest updates with a new FAQ and Errata for Warcry!

via the Warhammer Community

You heard the Warcry, you sent us your warquestions and now, here are your waranswers! We’ve been absolutely blown away by the response to Warcry. Since it’s a whole new ruleset, with a host of new mechanics, it’s no surprise that you’ve had a few questions after getting stuck in. We’ve been soaking up that feedback like the fell energies of Chaos, and after petitioning Archaon himself, we’re ready to show you the very first FAQ and errata update for Warcry. 

Sam, one of the Knights of Ruin,* shares with us the reasons behind some of the changes.

Sam: Firstly, there is an update to measuring distances. Rules based on the vertical distance only (such as falling off a building), are now rounded up to the nearest half-inch. The eagle-eyed among you noticed the scenery in the Starter Set is ever so slightly shorter than 3”. With this change, you can laugh with glee as your enemies take impact damage from being knocked off the edge of buildings once more!
The second big change is an update to the cover rules. The original wording could lead to some odd situations along big walls, where fighters would count as being in cover despite being stood out in the open. The new rule is much more realistic and also caters for intervening terrain.
The universal ability Onslaught has been restricted to attack actions that are Range 3 or less, as was always intended. This gives more weight to many faction-specific abilities that are similar to Onslaught.
Lastly, among other minor fixes, we have amended four of the victory cards to make them more enjoyable to play. The victory cards amended are Burn & PillageThe PrizeHold Our Gains and Steal the Prize.

Thanks, Sam. And for those of you eager to get a closer look, here are the links to the FAQ and errata:
As with Warhammer Age of Sigmar, we will be introducing a schedule for rules updates so that players can know when to expect them. The schedule is as follows:
  • Errata and Designer’s Commentary: Due around two weeks after a book release. This gives us time to collate all of the questions and get them answered in one go.
  • Warcry Rules Updates: Due in the winter and again in the summer, we will release rules updates as needed to address the balance of the game and tweak campaigns.