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Black Templar Get their own tab on the GW Webstore

We had several rumors for the Black Templar being a part of an upcoming two army box set (with Orks) in recent weeks and now it seems GW has given them their own tab along with the other chapters that are getting their own supplements.

While this wont confirm any rumors that we had, getting their own tab is a big deal, and it brings them back to the forefront of the Black Templar players that have been playing for quite some time solely under Codex Space Marines.

Image sent in by an Astute Reader here on Faeit 212
Thank you!
I don’t know if this is an accident or not, but all the Space Marine chapters have been split up on the website now.  Whilst we all know most of which supplements we will be getting its worth noting there are no Crimson Fists, but a Black Templars tab, which would support your earlier rumour of a Templars book incoming.

You can see for yourself here

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