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The Extra Muscle is Here! Blackstone Fortress Ogryn Brothers Dorg and Gren

Stepping up to bring in some bigger muscle there are two new Ogryn borthers coming to your Blackstone Fortress Games!

via the Warhammer Community
We’ve already seen one pair of twins enter the Blackstone Fortress in the form of the Ratlings, Rein and Raus, and now another brace of siblings – Dorg and Gren Broggan – prepare to take on the mysterious space fortress.

Have you been struggling on your expeditions into the Blackstone Fortress? Feel that you need a little extra muscle to help you beat the followers of Mallex? Well, you’re in luck as this month’s White Dwarf contains rules for using the Ogryns, Gren ‘Knuckles’ Broggan and his older brother Dorg, in your quests. Rather than being explorers, they are retinue characters and can be added to a full party of four, lending their considerable strength to the mission.

Before bad luck befell them and they had to leave the Astra Militarum, Dorg was the leader of a squad of Bullgryns and Gren was an Ogryn bodyguard. They found their way to the Blackstone Fortress and were taken in by a data trader called Xalleus who sold their services to anyone who needed Ogryn-level might.

Before you can add them to your expeditions, you will have to rescue Dorg ‘The Wall’ Broggan from deep within the Blackstone Fortress itself. White Dwarf contains a new sidequest – which can be undertaken as a one-off expedition or whilst on another mission – to save the Bullgryn Bone’ead before he is overrun by his enemies. If you are successful, you can include Dorg and Gren on your future expeditions.
If you want to include them as retinue characters in your Blackstone Fortress quests, and learn all about what has brought these brothers to Precipice, make sure you pick up September’s White Dwarf for their rules and background.