Today we get a look inside at what went into the design of the new miniatures available for Wrath and Rapture.

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Realm of Chaos: Wrath and Rapture is up for pre-order this weekend, a Chaos-infused battlebox that introduces two collections – including brand-new miniatures – for the Daemons of Khorne and Daemons of Slaaneshranges. In addition to reimagining classic units such as the Fiends of SlaaneshFlesh Hounds of Khorne and even the mighty three-headed Karanak as new, multipart plastic kits, Wrath and Rapture also introduces a new class of daemonic Herald in the Infernal Enrapturess.
We caught up with the talented Citadel designers behind these new miniatures to get the inside scoop.
In addition to the Bloodletters and Juggernaut-riding Bloodcrushers, Wrath and Rapture includes five Flesh Hounds of Khorne and Karanak – the mightiest of their kind – designed by Christian Hardy.
Christian: Flesh Hounds have existed in the background for many years – so long, in fact, that certain details are synonymous with them, such as their iconic frills and the brass collars clasped around their necks. We also already had two plastic Flesh Hounds in Grizzlemaw and Riptooth, so I based the anatomy of the new Flesh Hounds on them.
As Daemons of Khorne, they are built for strength rather than speed, appearing as creatures akin to fearsome, reptilian dogs.
Every part of their being is designed for the kill at the end of the chase, so in addition to large claws and teeth, they have hooked or barbed tips on their tails as well as horns, spikes and and long spines running the length of their backs. They are poised as if either leaping in for the kill or savouring the terror of their cornered prey. To help tie them in with the existing range, I gave their skin a mottled callus effect like the Bloodletters, and burning brands of Khorne along their flanks like the Juggernauts.
As a three-headed Flesh Hound, Karanak shares many of their traits, but his frame is far bigger and more muscular to accommodate his altered physiology.
I wanted each head to portray an aspect of Karanak’s famed abilities – his right head has an additional pair of eyes that can pierce the veil of time, and his left head has a forked tongue that enables him to track his prey upon the skeins of fate. Meanwhile, the central head is thrown back as it utters an otherworldly howl that calls other Flesh Hounds to join the hunt. One of Karanak’s heads has even taken a bite out of another’s frill, such is the ferocity with which he tears at his prey!
The Prince of Chaos has ever exemplified a combination of excess, indulgence, opulence, vanity and obsession. All of these aspects and more can be found on Samir Battistotti’s Fiends of Slaanesh and Maxime Corbeil’s Infernal Enrapturess.
Samir: I’ve always been fascinated by the contrary nature of the Fiends of Slaanesh. Despite being unnatural creations, they are at the same time elegant and lithe, alluring and impossible to resist in spite of their hideous forms. I mean, they even wear elegant robes and jewellery!
From a design point of view, they’ve always had a number of instantly identifiable characteristics that were important to capture on the miniatures – clawed limbs, protruding sensory tongues, stingers on their tails and an opposing inversion of their front and rear legs. It was essential that the new miniatures replicated these integral features in order to retain their identity.
Maxime: The Infernal Enrapturess represents the extremity of excess and sensation – that’s what she is channelling and weaponising with her heartstring lyre. Whereas a Noise Marine blasts his victims apart with brutal cacophonies of sonic force, an Infernal Enrapturess is literally playing with the emotions of her living instrument to blissfully torment her audience (read as “enemies”) with ecstatic, but similarly terminal consequences. I imagined the supplicant that serves as her instrument was once some sort of musical virtuoso, corrupted by his love of excess or desire to perfect his art. He’s still creating music, but probably not in the manner he first imagined! Unlike Daemonettes, the Infernal Enrapturess has a fingered hand in order to pluck the strings of her lyre, and is posed as if she’s performing a musical flourish, flicking her head back as she does so.
Thanks for the insight, gents. Realm of Chaos: Wrath and Rapture is up for pre-order on Saturday, so it won’t be long before you can get your hands on these amazing new models. We’ll be taking a closer look at the rules and tactics for the units in Wrath and Rapture later in the week, so be sure to check back tomorrow.

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