Anything Cadia is on my list to discover since it was taken. I have a lot of Cadian miniatures.

Here is the latest novel from the Black Library that you can get a hold of early!

Also you can still get a hold of the Advent Calendar stories.. they are still available until the end of the year. You can do that here as well as get the Scourge of Fate.

via the Black Library on the Warhammer Community
Christmas is over, but the good times continue with another ePremiere, a Warhammer 40,000 novel that you can download right now, nearly three months before the hardback hits store shelves!
Though their world has fallen, the brave troopers of the Cadian 101st fight on. For Sergeant Minka Lesk and her unit, that means facing the taint of Chaos on the world of Potence. Will this be a chance to save another world from the enemy? High-octane action meets deep character drama in Cadian Honour, by Justin D Hill. Head to the Black Library website, iBooks or the Kindle store to grab your copy now. Cadia Stands!
Remember you can also pick up the Warhammer Age of Sigmar novel Scourge of Fate as an ePremiere – and if you want to get your hands on the whole of this year’s Advent Calendar and get five of the 24 stories free, the subscription is only available until New Year’s Day, so pick it up before it’s too late.

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