What's On Your Table End of the Year/Holiday Giveaway: Details Below

After big FAQ 2 made Genestealer cults unplayable I went back to a bunch of Carnifexes I’ve had laying around primed. Added in three neurothropes as well. Spent 5 weeks knocking the lot out. Then tossed some slime effect on a Malethrope for some fun.


What's On Your Table Black Friday Giveaway
We are doing a Holiday Giveaway for What's On Your Table..... All you have to do is submit What's On Your Table by sending up to 8 pics of whatever it is you are working on (in the hobby of course). The winner will be selected randomly from all entries. If you entered for the November Black Friday Giveaway...you are also entered for the December Holiday Giveaway. The Holiday Giveaway is for a $50 gift card to a Miniature company of your choice (as long as they do online gift cards).

The Drawing will end December 23rd on Christmast Eve at 12:00pm PST
Again: To enter the What's On Your Table End of the Year/Holiday Giveaway, please send up to 8 pics to natfka@live.com

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