This Kickstarter is on its last few days and is already fully funded. Its a quick and easy way to build a full table of terrain for a lot less than it would take any other way. Do you need some new terrain going into the new year?

Metro Morph Kickstarter Campaign

$29,166 pledged of $23,669 goal
309 backers
71 hours to go

Metro Morph: ready-to-play modular card wargaming terrain

Metro Morph is a modular building terrain system for 28–32mm tabletop miniature games.

It is an affordable way to quickly and easily fill gaming tables with terrain that is visually striking, strong, and versatile. You don’t need to cut, glue, or paint anything — just open the pack, create the unique structures you want, and start playing within minutes! When you’ve finished your game, Metro Morph can be packed away flat, ready to be reassembled in a totally new configuration for your next game.

Metro Morph gives you the ability to fill a whole table with awesome terrain

Whether you are playing a dungeon-crawler, skirmish battle, or full-blown war-game, the extreme modularity of Metro Morph will meet your needs. Create 2D floor plans, light, multi-storey terrain, or even fully enclosed, line-of-sight-blocking obstacles.

With Metro Morph the choice is yours!

Check it out... Faeit 212 Review of Metro Morphs buildings.

If you recall I checked out a single building of Metro Morphs terrain and its highly flexible enough to rebuild over and over to give some great varied terrain for your tabletop.

You can see that review here

Faeit 212 Community News

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