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Deep down, nearly every Warhammer 40,000 fan is a narrative gamer on some level. With the rich lore of the 41st Millennium, finding inspiration for your battles isn’t hard – after all, in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war! Today, we’re continuing our Chapter Approved preview series with a look at narrative play in the 2018 Edition.
As with the last edition of Chapter Approved, we’re providing you with a range of nifty new tools for adding narrative flavour to your games and campaigns. With Battle Honours, you’ll be able to level up your units and turn them into storied veterans, while in Cities of Death, you’ll have a selection of new missions designed to create some incredible moments.
Narratively, the 41st Millennium is full of stories where raw recruits are forged in the fires of battle, gaining new skills as they fight across a war zone. Thanks to the latest edition of Chapter Approved, you’ll be able to represent that in your games with Battle Honours:
When using it, you’ll gain points in your campaigns based on how your units perform (scoring kills, controlling objectives, or just participating in battle), which can be used to level them up, all the way from green to legendary. Every time they level, they’ll get to choose a new Battle Honour, like Inhuman Resilience, Breachers, or Experimental Ammunition:
By the end of your campaigns, your entire army will be distinct in some way, adding a real sense of weight and meaning to your battles. Each ability has been designed to be big on flavour and thematic weight without unbalancing your games, so if you’re one of the many players who uses matched play points in narrative play, you’ll find this system slots into your battles with ease.
Combined with the Custom Characters rules from the open play section, you’ll really be able to go wild customising your army in this Chapter Approved!
Desperate last stands, epic confrontations against insurmountable odds – narrative play is all about ramping up the awesome. Key to that is missions – and in Chapter Approved 2018 Edition, we’ve provided six new ones for you to try. Each has been painstakingly designed to balance narrative, fairness and fun and to provide a framework for the battle stories you’ll be telling for years to come.
After last year’s Chapter Approved looked at Planetary Onslaught and Stronghold Assault, this time around we’re looking at Cities of Death – intense urban skirmishes in the ruined metropolises of the 41st Millennium. One of the most exciting Cities of Death missions is Thunder Run – an intense battle where the attacker desperately attempts to break through enemy lines to wreak havoc.
We’ve also provided new narrative rules to try in any of your games, such as a new, deeper cover system, options for concealed deployment, battlefields infested with xenos beasts and more.
Whether you’re looking to play through some thrilling narratives or want the tools to create your own, you’ll be well-served by this year’s Chapter Approved.
You can pre-order the 2018 Edition of Chapter Approved this weekend – in the meantime, if you haven’t already, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our preview!

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