This sounds good with a little bit of insight from the Wrath and Rapture artwork and one of the Rumour Engine teasers tying into it. Wrath and Rapture will be a hugely fun release.

Please remember that below are rumors, always apply salt until we get an official release of information.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212

-2 New Slaanesh Heralds are coming (like nurgle got the Scrivener and Bilepiper variants) one of them is the model with the Harp shown in the Wrath and Rapture artwork as well as a Rumour Engine teaser

-New Keeper Of Secrets! Price is same as the other greater daemon kits. Assuming there will be alternate and/or character builds but the build seen had a head similar to the Forgeworld version. 

You can see more about Wrath and Rapture here along with the video for it

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