This weekend the Middle Earth Strategy game has several miniatures + a new army sourcebook coming to pre-orders.

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This weekend, a new army sourcebook for the Middle Earth Strategy Battle game, alongside a host of new models and other cool bits and bobs. Like Armies of The Lord of the Rings, Armies of The Hobbit™ is absolutely packed with content, giving everything you need to field your favourite forces from the time of the Battle of Five Armies.
All of these are fully compatible with the Middle-earth Strategy Battle game, so you’re free to see how Thorin’s Company might fare against Sauron, or pit the Fellowship against Smaug for some non-canon carnage. The only question is this – which army will you choose? We’ve taken some of our favourite updated lists out of the book to help you pick:
While they may seem like unlikely heroes, the Survivors of Lake-town – an army list gathering together those who escaped Smaug’s destruction of their homes – went on to fight heroically in the Battle of Five Armies. Their Army Bonus offers a very welcome boost to Bard the Bowman’shandy Saviour of Lake-town ability:
Combined with other synergies present in this list, this is a great army for a general looking for some tactical force that can punch far above its weight when using key supporting Heroes like Hilda-Bianca and Percy.
The Halls of Thranduil army gathers together the Elves of Mirkwood at the time of the Battle of Five Armies, and has a nifty Army Bonus that lets you bring LOADS of bows to bear:
If you’ve been looking for an excuse to grab the magnificent Thranduilmodel from Forge World, this could be it!
Azog’s Legion are a powerful, versatile Evil list, capable of harnessing heavily armoured elite troops as well as a host of brutal monsters, like the Gundabad Troll. As an added bonus, both Azog and Bolg now get Master of Battle in a pure Azog’s Legion list:
If you’re unfamiliar with this rule, it’s one of the most devious in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. Should an enemy Hero declare a Heroic Action nearby, you’ll get to declare the same action for free – making your commanders even deadlier than before.
The Dark Powers of Dol Guldur are one of the most popular and unusual Evil armies around and, in Armies of The Hobbit™, have been given a small and welcome boost from their additional rules and army bonus:
“His Spirit has lost none of its potency” allows you to make the most of The Necromancer of Dol Guldur’s precious store of Will, while the ability to deploy him with all nine Nazgûl of Dol Guldur is great for a themed list. If you’re looking for a distinct and powerful army, grab the Necromancer, the nine Nazgûl and the Keeper of the Dungeons, and you’ll have a 1000-point matched play force with only 11 models!
Smaug doesn’t *actually* get an Army Bonus as, strictly speaking, he’s not an army, and is instead a gigantic, fire-breathing Dragon. At 700 points, he’ll take up almost your entire points allotment for most matched play forces – we’d recommend taking advantage of some allies and grabbing a Dragon from the Moria army list to round things out.
The Armies of The Hobbit™ will be available to pre-order this weekend – if you’re looking to use it, you’ll need a copy of the Rules Manual, available to buy today.

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