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Rumored Emperor's Children Release Coming....also Vigilis and the Black Legion.

Some rumors here that are hinting towards new Emperors Children releases coming (this has been needed for a long time). New models with highly ornate and detailed jewels and deamon faces. This sounds interesting, as is the rumors still of the Black Legion, since we are still hoping for an Abaddon release.

Please remember that these are rumors and please be respectful if you head over to David's Blog. His blog is referenced only as an example of what the we could be seeing. If your like me though youll spend a lot of time reading over there.

Again these are rumors, please take with a little salt.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212.
1) Emperor's Children - GW has been at work on an Emperor's Children release. There will be new models but no word on what the new models are. However, stylistically, they draw on the work of David De Abreu. He's a designer for Games Workshop and keeps a personal blog. 

The way the style was described to me is: - lots of reliefs - ornate and detailed - many daemon faces and jewels sculpted into flat surfaces - emphasis on helmets and faces.

The artist is active on a number of other French language blogs. Here's a link to his blog, which has a few articles that include Emperor's Children.

2) Vigilus / Black Legion - Black Legion will make an appearance in the Vigilus campaign. Any new rules for Black Legion will be for specific models.