How the Genesys Project works is a completely new system for most players. Im here to put forth the concepts today to really make it all much easier.

In fact creating your faction is not all that difficult. Now creating the exact faction you want or exploring all the options that sit before you can be a another matter. Lets look at the Base Concepts of the Genesys Project.

The Core Rules
The Genesys Project has a single set of Core Rules that plays through all the three Ages of Gameplay.
1st Age: Fantasy
2nd Age: Modern to Near Future
3rd Age: Distant Future

The Rules are the same through all three ages, and the Core Rules is really something you can read through and get the hang of quickly. Often a single short game, and your set.

Now how your faction plugs into the Core Rules is what makes the game unique, as you are selecting the Traits and Abilities that plug into and interact and sometimes breaks the Core Rules.

Creating Your Faction
Creating your faction works by you the player choosing from the 5 Domains of Life that you will create your faction from. These are
Humanoids: Everything from Dwarves to Giants and in-between
Fey: Come from Domains outside of Reality
Biests: Wild and Ferocious races, tied to the land. Some say offshoots from early humanoids
Reptilia: Ancient Lineages trace back to huge Celestial Creatures
Insekt: Insectiods off all kind, including some controlled by Dominating Cordycep Fungi

Once you decide you select 3-7 traits that will be traits for your entire Race/Faction. You begin with a set of Core Stat lines, your characteristics like Strength, Movement, Defense, and add the Traits you select. These traits can raise or even lower your characteristics and give you additional abilities.

Unit Classes are next. These groups or individuals with added Traits and abilities beyond your average member of your faction. Examples of Unit Classes are Standard Troops, Elite Forces, Leaders and Commanders, and Unique Classes. Different Unit Classes may give extra attacks, wounds, allow you to select additional traits etc.

Playing Through the Ages
Now that you have the concepts down, what about after you play a few games? In the Genesys Project you do not play your games in a vacuum. Every mission has Mission Awards and when you succeed at them, you get new traits, bonuses etc that grow and develop your faction. From Creating new Classes, advancing weapons and technology, and several other bonuses.

Even your Heroes are created from gameplay..... Yep. Ever have that epic moment on the tabletop, sure you have. Now that model or a model from the squad can literally become a hero by spending your Mission Award to create a hero and getting access to special Hero Awards.

When you play games you are granted progression points. The total available when playing equals the point value you just played. 1,000pt game..... there are 1,000pts possible to gain from it. Get a lot of progression points and you may have enough points to reach the next age of gameplay.

You control your destiny in the Genesys Project. Create your Faction, write your own history, and be in control of your own future where heroes and legends are not simply created, they born.

Want to Know More About the Genesys Project?
Getting to Know the Genesys Project. Visit the Blog where you can get the latest information and check out the Beta Test Website below.

Overview of the Game

The Blog

The Beta Test Site where the Open Beta Test rules can still be seen (please remember that these are outdated by quite a bit, but still a great way to see how factions are created).

Faeit 212 Community News

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