This week we are getting the Betrayal at Calth Horus Heresy Board Game. That really is about it, but it is enough. This is a great buy for the models themselves, and hey! there is a board game attached. The best part is,....... there will be additional printings of this game. The sad part.... is that it may not come until January. But hey, if this is immensely popular, what do you expect, at least it is not limited.

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Let me say the Horus Heresy game is not going to be a once and done. I was told GW expects to run out, but a 2nd print run will come in January 2016. All models are plastic and have no insignia on them. Decals will be included to make the marines whichever faction from the box set you want. These models can be used in Warhammer 40k or 30k.

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