Tabletop Adapters earlier this year attempted a Kickstarter that ended unsuccessful. It was really too bad, because they looked great and really have a good use for where we are in the hobby right now. The idea of rebasing models is just a horrible thought, and Tabletop Adapters had a good solution.

Now for the good news...... Adam went ahead and figured out how to get them done without the kickstarter, and is now offering these adapters at kickstarter prices through this month!!!!

These are a good buy, and not very expensive for your rebasing projects. Especially for how easy they are to put together. Here is their website.

We all know that marines look best on the larger bases, and here are some very old Night Lords that I must of painted up right after I joined the hobby back in 1998.

These adapters are really cool, and here are some of my own to show off.... These are very much worth it.

You can see that the model sits on the ridge inside the adapter, and sits perfectly flush with the top of the base. At this point gluing them together, you can call it done, or just add more basing material to the top of the base, and you will barely know an adapter is on the model. 

You could also after basing the rest of the top, simply add some green stuff on the edges where the two pieces come together to make it seamless.

All in all, these are excellent, and if you are considering rebasing your models, I would give these a quick look before going down that road. Personally I tend to really attach my models their bases, and very few bases tend to survive getting cut or removed even carefully. Rebasing becomes almost an impossible task. So I'm going with these.

Adam. On a personal note for these, Congratulations on pushing on after the kickstarter. Very admirable, and a good product.

Tabletop Adapters

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