Archaon's rules translation from German. 

Sent in from a reader,

I havent seen one, so here you have it:

- He can Fly
- Eye of Sheerian: Throw a dice in your Herophase and note the result. everytime your enemy makes a hit roll against Archaon and it matches the noted result, your enemy has to re-roll.
- Slayer of Kings: If all attack done with SoK are done against a single HERO or MONSTER and 2 or more wound rolls are 6+, the target is killed instantly
- Armor of Morkar: if Archaons save roll results in a 6 (before modification), the attacking units suffers a mortal wound
- Chaos Runeshield: 5++ for Mortal wounds.
- Crown of Might: If a Unit within 10" or Archaon has to do a Bettleshock test, you can modify the result by +2 or -2.
- Threeheaded Monstrosity: If Dorghars Three Head's attack result slay at least one model you can choose on of the following after resolving the attacks:
       - Spew Rot: D3 mortal wounds on a unit within 7"
       - Skull Gulp: If a HERO was killed, heal D3 wounds.
       - Magic Eater: If a WIZARD was slain, Archaon learns all of the models spells.
- Everchosen: Throw a dice if Archaon get affected by an enemy spell, on 4+ the spell has no effect on him
- Wizard: He can Cast/Unbind 2 Spells each round, he knows Magic Bolt and Arcane Shield

Command Ability:
- Unmatched Warlord: If Archaon uses this ability all other CHAOS units in your army can use their Command Ability.
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