Games Workshop has now, as of about 20 minutes ago, confirmed that the Specialist Design Studio is a go! They did so on the Warhammer App, and I have that announcement here for you, as well as some inside information that made its way across my desk.

So check out the latest.... it seems your favorite games are returning..... but its going to take awhile.

Here is the announcement from the Warhammer App!

Also here is something that ended up on my desk. Please consider this a rumor, as it is from a source that wishes to remain anonymous. This seems to be the results from a meeting of some kind. Please take with salt, and I hope that we are able to see smaller projects before the date listed. (it would be logical)

Every hobbyist in the world is cheering up - and they should! Because it is true, but also It was said that there wont be anything before 2018. No salt needed here only patience! And games workshop changed their disclosure policy so that staff knows more things to come, not just a week before a release. 
So yes, they are listening - not the evil gaming empire, I guess :)

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