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What's On Your Table: Night Lords

What's On Your Table: to submit your work, send up to 8 pics to

Just finished my 20 Night Raptors and wanted to share. It took a lot longer than i expected because i made the mistake of doing 20 at the same time but in the end i like how they came out. 


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  1. Despite all Night Lords deserve to be crushed, (Hey Sev!) the job is really cool.

  2. Replies
    1. Good if you're a Sigmar/Khorne player I suppose .

      On topic: Really love the basing on the Raptors.

  3. Excellent work!
    Great paint job, and the bases are superb.

  4. Those are what I call flesh gauntlets! Truly terrific!

  5. Those are what I call flesh gauntlets! Truly terrific!

  6. I generally think night lords are the worst / corniest looking of all the legions / chapters. To quote one of my 40k buddies "they look like a 16 year old drew them" and "they look like they should be in a haunted house."
    That stated, I LOVE how these turned out. Perfect example of how to keep the colors / lightning a little more muted and not to go overboard with the trophies. GREAT WORK DUDE :D

  7. Looks epic but I can't help but visualise them dancing Riverdance lol

  8. I do like night lords, posted mine a while back, and as nicely done as these are I can't abide the price when 40k raptors suffice

  9. The 40k raptors are far too corrupted by chaos