It seems that the Age of Sigmar has something new coming, the War for the Allpoints. It's apparently a bridge that connects the 8 realms, and Archaon is attempting to take it. There are leaked images that are circulating....

First off..... I have to admit I just about blew coffee out my nose with the name "War for the Allpoints". Maybe it's just funny to me, or maybe it seemed a little too close to the Allspark. First time in a long time. Probably just me, so I apologize if it offends anyone. Coffee out the nose hurts, and brings tears to the eyes, so yes, you could say I was crying, just a little.

Credit goes to Rogue Star on at least one of the pics, but you can see them all by following the link over to War of Sigmar with Lady Atia (thanks for compiling these)

I imagine we will see a lot more on this over the next few days.

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