Tonight under the cover of darkness I was checking in on some of the Dropfleet Kickstarter and saw some new add-ons mentioned that were not there, nor in the kickstarter update that received earlier today. Also, check out these bases!! whoa. I like them and it looks like the bases are made to really reduce tokens and help those that can't remember what ships were doing what. (yea, big games just got better!!!!)

1,901 backers
$371,347  pledged of $61,066 goal
30 days to go

Check out the un-named miniature and accessory unlocks! These were not there before. hmmmmm What could they be.

Still Locked:
£250k - Kickstarter Exclusive Paper Radar Map (Bolt-on)
£275k - Miniature Unlock to be announced
£290k - Accessories Unlock to be announced
£300k - High Rank Backers - 1 Free Shaltari Frigate Sprue (makes 4 Frigates)
£310k - Miniature Unlock to be announced
£325k - Miniature Unlock to be announced
£350k - High Rank Backers - 1 Free PHR Frigate Sprue (makes 4 Frigates)

These Bases work to manage many of the features of this game linked with each spaceship, which means there are very few tokens that need to be placed during the game. Here is an explanation of what each part of the base does:

We have worked hard to create something which is easy to use in the game, and streamlines everything for players.

There will be more added to this list during this Campaign - keep checking back for more information.

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