This is part of an email that I was sent from a reader here on Faeit 212, simply stating some things that are not available any more from GW. While some of it had an expected date of returning and have a date included, but there are some surprising things that are not.

There are 4 items that are worth mentioning that are no longer available, and these are part of an email from GW to the reader about his order.

Please remember that these are classified as a rumor, as this is not verified.

via a reader on Faeit 212
We are currently packing the order you placed with Games Workshop. However; one or more of the item(s) you ordered are currently out of stock or no longer available. We have removed those items from your order to get your order to you faster.

This list is not everything that you have ordered but a list of all items that are currently out of stock and the date they are expected to be back in stock with our warehouse, in case you thinking about placing an order for any of these other items.

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