The Eightbound are part Daemon and part Berserker, a nasty and dangerous combination. 

via WarCom

To swell the ranks of the Eightbound, particularly savage Berzerkers are chained into an iron sarcophagus known as an Eightcage. Probes and needles interface with the subject’s cybernetic Butcher’s Nails, thrusting their mind into the depths of the warp and a battle for their very soul.

Some fight in nightmarish gore-soaked arenas or atop impossible mountains of skulls, while others must withstand torture by sadistic daemons. Those who lose this trial meet gruesome fates – some vanish entirely or are mutated into hideous Chaos Spawn, while others are reduced to a bloody mess of limbs and viscera for the Berzerker-surgeons to clean up.*

The victorious few are set free, irrevocably transfigured by their traumatic experience – and host to an octet of daemons that still rage within their body, embroiled in combat over the World Eater’s soul. A handful of Eightbound may live long enough to ascend further. Conquering the battle within allows the Exalted Eightbound to focus their combined rage entirely outwards, against their whimpering foes…

You can pre-order the Eightbound this Saturday, when the full World Eaters range drops. Each box contains three miniatures which can be built as regular Eightbound or their supremely savage superiors, the Exalted Eightbound. 

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