Its been a topic in rumor forums on occasion that the Psychic Awakening books are the end of the current edition of Warhammer 40k and that a new edition would be coming in 2020. The rate that the new Psychic Awakening books are set these would end sometime this summer (approx) and what would be next?

The rumor mill towards the end of 2019 had a solid answer.... the next edition. There are even some serious wish mongering that the rules would polished up, the psychic phase reworked, new Endless Spells for 40k, and even a rise of two new Chaos Primarchs.

So the big "if" questions are that if a new edition is meant to be coming....... is it still?

This is meant to be more of a discussion and has been the topic of several conversations here within my personal gaming groups (we still talk and bs late into the evenings during these quarantines).

While a new edition could be coming, is Covid 19 going to slow down it's release or even push back? I would assume the word would be no, since a new edition has a lot riding on it, and GW does plan out quite far ahead on their release schedule. Extended downtime though, and something this big could be delayed deep into 2021.

All I know is that so many things are now hanging in the air, that even a loose release schedule is a little crazy to talk about, and yet, late night conversations still keep going back towards this topic. Not to mention it's one I look consistently for talk of.

Some rumors we were hearing towards the end of last year 2019.
All of these are a little vague or dubious

Look for 40K 9th Edition in 2020. It will be a polish-cleanup edition for 8th. 
Some rules mechanics from Age of Sigmar are being integrated into the game. 
Refining of rules for some troublesome Keywords Psychic Phase to be reworked. 
Only a tiny number of codexes remain before the new edition arrives. 
Psychic Awakening series is a rules & background leadup to the new Edition.

I heard about the two Chaos primarchs as the only Primarchs announced in 2020 (Angron and Fulgrim) 

Some noticeable signs mentioned in forums
#1 - Psychic Awakening should end at that point, which leaves a big 'ol "what's next?" hanging over everything. A new edition would make sense.

#2 - The Psychic Awakening books have been similar to previous series of campaign books that culminated in a new edition, having been the case with both Warhammer Fantasy transitioning into Age of Sigmar, and 7th transition transitioning into 8th edition.

#3 - There's supposedly a big release in the summer that the employees aren't allowed to take time off for. Usually these are just done for massive releases like new editions.

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